Bernadette. Body Lotion

Bernadette. Body Lotion


The Bernadette body lotion is designed to impart more long term benefits to the aromatherapeutic intentions of inviting love and managing frustrations by leaving its trace scent, perceptible in the nearness of a hug, on your moisturized body for a few hours after application. We want these scents to be all yours, not to clear a room with overpowering aromas.

It is a decidedly feminine grown up scent. It is rose based and spicy, with delicate floral notes and a clean citrus backbone. This blend is designed to energize and amplify confidence while keeping the spirits up and frustrations down. In other words, it's meant to invite love into your heart and manage the troublesome symptoms of stress induced anger. Hello busy ladies, you know what we're talking about.

The Bernadette scent is blended from organic essential oils of rose, black pepper, cedarwood, lemon, blood orange, geranium, and rosemary. Jojoba, Rosehip Seed, Apricot Seed, E-Wax and Distill H2O provide the back bone for this moisturizing, silky lotion.

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