Can I Kick It. after shave

Can I Kick It. after shave


Can I Kick It. after shave. Use in tandem with Razor Boy and you're gonna be super fly. We're serious. Sooth any accidental nicks or irritations, and put the final touches on your post shave exfoliated pores with this come-hither-ly fragrant, pore refining antisceptic moisturizing humectant. Shake the bottle and use the dropper for a dime sized amount to smooth over shaved areas.

There is no added alcohol in this after shave! We want you to keep all the moisture possible in your skin so it stays young and gorgeous. We also don't want your body's precious natural resources wasted on producing oil and moisture for skin unnecessarily striped of its water content. Wait till you're actually stranded on a desert island to test your body's ability to keep your moisture in.

Double distilled natural witch hazel extract (only 14% alcohol in our source of this notoriously alcoholic ingredient) and unscented fractionated coconut oil form the binders for this lightly fragrant, light and silky moisturizer. Organic essential oils of ravintsara, lavender and bergamot mint act together to leave shaved pores cleansed of impurities and liven up the overall fragrance, while the light floral scent of ylang ylang lends its abilities to open the heart and ease anxieties for a relaxing shave while the deep sensual aroma of sandalwood quiets the breath and moisturizes the skin. Don't leave your skin traumatized by a razor, sooth it with Can I Kick It.

The name Can I Kick It was inspired by the same song, on the Tribe Called Quest album, Peoples Instinctive Travels and Paths for Rhythm.

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