Elderberry Syrup Making Kit

Elderberry Syrup Making Kit


In this kit you receive everything you need to make an elderberry syrup. You get the tastiest supercharged, immune boosting organic herb packet containing along with all the accessories for making the syrup (except a sauce pot and spoon.)

Herbs included:

Elderberries. Profound anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven to support the immune system and prevent against cold/flu. And used to drastically reduce the duration of an active flu in studies where 15mL was taken 5x a day during acute symptoms.

Schisandra berries. the five flavored adaptogen. a lovely tonifying immuno-stimulant berry.

Astragalus. another nutritive adaptogen herb with antimicrobial immuno-stimulating properties.

Ginger. warming anti-inflammatory with febrifuge properties and catalizing effects on absorption.

Orange peel. tasty, warming carminative.

Cinnamon. warming, circulatory

As well as upstate New York raw wildflower honey, apple cider vinegar, cheesecloth and a clean bottle for your syrup! You're just emptying contents and simmering for a clear pathway to good immune support. Please reuse the bottles, jars, and vials!

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