Herbal Zodiac Plant Oracle Deck

Herbal Zodiac Plant Oracle Deck


Made by Caravansarie, Celeste Kibe, astrologist, herbalist, illustrator

The Herbal Zodiac is a set of 12 cards depicting a plant (or mineral) ally for each sign of the zodiac. Suits are separated by element (fire, air, water and earth), and the part of the plant used is indicated by the astrological mode of the sign, meaning that cardinal is represented by seeds, fixed by roots and bark and mutable by the foliage. Each set contains a deck of large sized cards, a booklet with brief interpretations and a mini hand-wrapped cedar, pine and spruce smudge in a canvas carrying bag. Each plant ally also brings a message which is printed on the cards written in the style of the sabian symbols.

About the Process:
I learned about tissue states from the herbalist Matt Wood, and enjoy weaving them into astrological readings to get a better feel for the energetics of a person. The backs of the cards depict a graphic of the zodiac including how I align each tissue state to a sign, indicating that sign’s propensity for disharmony. Because this deck contains less cards than a traditional oracle deck, each card carries many layers of meaning and can be used for anything from physical health readings to consults on astrological transits to the more archetypal information found in the tarot. I have found in using the deck that on some days, the plant will speak more to me than the planet or the sign does, and other days vice versa. I invite seekers to experiment with different combinations of symbol, archetype and meaning to see what resonates most deeply!

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