phosphene dream. BEARD OIL

phosphene dream. BEARD OIL


phoshpene dream. BEARD OIL is smooth conditioning oil scented for the best nuzzle around. It's a musky sandalwood, vetiver and douglas fir based scent with a little rose and neroli to lift it all with a nice sophisticated finish. All the seed oils making up the base, hemp seed, coconut and meadowfoam seed are super nourishing for sensitive facial skin and wild facial hair.

Get ready for the kisses--people are gonna be drawn to the sexy scent and the groomed look!

Made by hand from organic essential oils of sandalwood, vetiver, douglas fir, rose, neroli and sweet orange for the scent, while organic hemp seed, coconut and meadowfoam seed oils provide the nutritive base.

The name phosphene dream is inspired by the super rad and psychadelic band The Black Angels and their album named Phosphene Dream. Go listen!

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