his 'n hers. SHAVE SOAP

his 'n hers. SHAVE SOAP


his 'n 'hers. SHAVE SOAP

Close, comfortable, and no irritation, those are what we have in mind when we design this unisex shave foam for the face and body. That, and we want the fragrance and intimacy of your shaved skin to invite kisses and caresses from your loved ones! As usual, handmade, small batch, all organic and no chemicals or preservatives!  

We use a lovely blend of clay, aloe and shea butters as the base for therapeutic, yet lightly fragrant essential oils and our mild castile soap. Your skin will feel silky and moisturized, with nourished pores ready for the whatever your follow up routine if any.

Organic essential oils ravintsara, lavender, and bergamot mint act together to leave shaved pores cleansed of impurities and liven up the overall fragrance, while the light floral scent of ylang ylang  lends its abilities to open the heart and ease anxieties for a relaxing shave while the deep sensual aroma of sandalwood quiets the breath and moisturizes the skins. Sweet almond oil, aloe gel as well as shea and aloe butters buttress this nutritive blend so your skin will be happy after it's been hit with the trauma of a razor! 

The title, his 'n hers, is inspired by the gem of an album of the same name by Pulp.

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