Please, all natural sunscreen is the way to go. We use the UV and UVB protection capabilities of carrot seed oil and rasberry seed oil in this product. We suspend those oils in coconut oil & shea butter to make the naturally waterproof New York State beeswax easy to spread over your body! This is a non-whitening formula.

sister ray. has a 20-35 SPF value. Smell good and take it easy! Use this on the beach, playing sports, riding your bike, or just for whenever you need a little protection from the rays. Ultra healing and sanitizing beeswax and lavender oils help to nourish dry skin.

If you're needing way more protection, non-nano particled zinc oxide is the way to go. We don't use it here because we think some sun exposure is good for you. However, if you're life- guarding or expecting to be on the water without shade for hours on end, you should use zinc in stripes across your nose and cheeks...and probably on your neck and shoulders.

The name sister ray. comes from the song of the same title by The Velvet Underground on their bad-ass avant-guarde album, White Light/White Heat.

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