The Littlest Rebel. baby lotion

The Littlest Rebel. baby lotion


The Littlest Rebel. baby lotion is super light and clean scented to keep the skin of your little rebel silky and smooth with organic ingredients and zero chemicals! A little babe with this lotions smells light and delicious, just like babies are supposed to! Put nice things on your baby. No chemicals! If you can't swing these products, just use some olive oil from your kitchen. Please, no chemicals before these little ones even have a chance to decide for themselves.

The Littlest Rebel is made by hand from 100% organic ingredients of sweet orange, lavender, chamomile, jojoba, rosehipseed oils, distilled water and emulsifying wax.

The name for this product is inspired by a song of the same name by The Fall, a brilliant, infamous, rebellous band making music for decades.

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