Just Take It Or Leave It (an apt song by The Searchers)

During some of our conversations over the past month at the craft fairs, I realized that some of the stuff coming out of my mouth sounded incredibly arch to my own ears. Phew. I mean I want us all to live a good life with lots of love—for others and for our own selves. I know I’m not saying anything new here, but a good life is all about finding balance. Things get out of whack and when we notice, the best thing is to find the ware-with-all to notice and get the balance back. Just give a crap and know that you deserve it and better things will follow.

It’s true, I don’t think it’s a good thing to put chemicals on the largest organ of your body--your skin. Also, chemical effects are pretty insidious in a weird and uncontrolled way…especially regarding their unknown reach and effects on our hormones which are crazy. I do think we should make big efforts to eliminate them as much as possible from our lives.

But you aren’t a failure, if you can’t comply and be the most natural person in the world. I would say it’s freaking awesome if you manage to switch to a natural lotion or face serum for at least one cycle. Up In Her Room face oil is an awesome start to giving a crud, so are any of the Marquee Moon, Bernadette, or Another Green World body lotions. These, of course, are handmade, organic and no chemicals...and and, I put a lot of energy into designing the scents of these products to make you feel better. Perhaps try one of them, or something, but make an effort and then see if taking a little extra care to seek out natural products makes you feel better and if that care is worth it. Good habits take a first move to form.

At Antidote my goal has always been to make things that make it at least just a little better for the people using them. If these items seem out of reach for you financially, there are cheaper ways to get there and I would be happy to look into anything that I can’t recommend off hand for you. You can definitely take good care of yourself on a budget... you just might have to make the stuff yourself, which you can totally do! I just like to make things that are luxurious and super good for your skin, hair, and psyche. I made these things from the best possible ingredients for my friends and family because I love them and now I want to share them with you.

And, I’d like to leave you with this piece of advice, get some apple cider vinegar (Braggs is at every health store ever) and put a capful in the glass of water that you should be drinking first thing in the morning every day. Just start it…and pretty soon you’ll always remember and it’ll be a really good and easy and cheap habit! The time is winter and you want to infuse your body in probiotics, believe me, you do!

I’m going to aim for my blogs in the future to include recipes for making your life a little better.



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