Hey, Cleopatra and all her splendid beauty, liked it.

People often ask me, 'just what exactly is aromatherapy?' It is exactly the use of essential oils (highly concentrated volatile extractions of plants) to alter a person's mindset and mood in an effort to improve their overall health. This simple practice is ancient and yes, it works.

No matter what your beliefs about the validity of aromatherapy (a modern term coined in the 1920s for an ancient practice), taking active steps toward bettering your health and mental well being is worth it. I'm not talking about blood-letting or drinking some crazy potion, chanting, and hoping for the best. I'm talking about taking a moment to realize what it is you want to improve in your current situation and then taking another moment to realize that you're worth it and a last few to give enough of a shit to do something to change your condition. Building a positive clear environment for your mind and thoughts and intentions to exist is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. And we all forget it all the time. 

My friends, and for that matter, the majority of my family live, play, and think hard. A lot of us haven't had insurance for indefinite periods of time. So when someone listens to your complaints and is like, I'm going o make you a candle or lotion or bath salts with a blend of essential herbs historically believed to alleviate your specific maladies, you try it. You light that candle, lay in that bath, slather yourself with lotion, and the aromas spill out over you. And you feel better. Because you gave a shit. When you have the grace to know your mind and body, you have a better shot at avoiding and combating, if needed, physical and mental ailments that life throws your way.

Now you may have trouble attaching value to using peppermint oil as a migraine reducer, or lavender oil to treat a ton of skin rashes, warts and burns, or bergamot and ylang ylang oils to uplift the spirits and patchouli oil to calm the heart. But oils and scents have been used for 1000s of years in places of spiritual enlightenment and to cleanse spaces. I think it's worth a shot for you try these baby steps into the world of natural health care.

I will write about the limbic system, and olfactory import on another day. I think now, for the first thing, I just wanted to write about what it was that made me start to make changes in my life and continue to do so. We who are wild at heart need a little time every once in a while to gather it all back together so we can spend our hearts again with reckless abandon.