Run To Your Mama, by Goat. Happy New Year

“I can, with one eye squinted, take it all as a blessing.” 
 Flannery O'Connor, The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O'Connor

And I've been listening to this song a lot came to me on an awesome mix from a great friend. It must have been so much fun to make whatever this video came from! Wild women rule.

Run to Your Mama, Goat 

Hey y’all!

It’s January 3, 2014 and I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR

I don’t care if it’s 3 days late, it just wasn't time yet. But three days later than the usual, and my sentiment is still true and honest...even if it didn't coincide directly with countdowns, a ball dropping or a wide confetti of wishes falling over squares on tv. For me, it was the snow.

My impetus to wish well and an idea that I'd like to progress in life coincided with a moment of change that Mother Nature gave us, at least here in Brooklyn.  I hope you felt it too, wherever you are. Wonder if the feeling would be the same in Australia or temperate South America? For most of us in the states, the cold and when we’re lucky the snow stills our minds and quiets the violence of extraneous sound. Sound we don't usually notice until it's gone. Add to this the fact that January winter days just barely begin to get a little longer and there is this natural sense of cresting some sort of precipice revealing another perspective. Maybe even a new beginning. The general time of the calendar new year is often reflected with a shift evidenced by Mother Nature...good thing, because my mind is too small and gets lost without new perspectives and the chance to redefine space with at least an idea of closure.

The above quote by the lovely Flannery speaks loudly to me at this particular time of reckoning for the new year--she speaks loudly to me most times. At first impulse many of us may want to look back and come up with a quick and definite reconcile for the patterns we made and doors we opened to situations and people that hurt or disappointed us. And heck yes, let’s do it. Let’s make amends for the betterment or our futures. But I think the wisdom the Flannery O'Conner's quote imparts at the dawn of the new year is that it’s equally important to look back with an eye on the blessings we have from the lessons we received. We are better through experience, if we have the grace to notice.

So, to new beginnings and maintenance of old good habits and about faces to new good intentions I end this New Year letter with this list of stuff I’d like to incorporate into my life and maybe it’ll resonate with some of y’all.

  • Be with people.
  • Keep looking at the world with love in my heart.
  • Be patient with myself.
  • Count to ten and breath deep--it can wait.
  • Laugh without embarrassment at sweet things.
  • Practice what I preach.
  • Give a shit.
  • Call or write to let them know.
  • Dance to amazing music…and let myself dance to bad music, too.
  • Try not to sneak soda pops so often...eek!

Please keep an eye out for the new Antidote shampoo and conditioner soon to be unveiled..a promise, not a resolution.

Many hugs,