Winter, but time for Prodigal Preparations

This song and video is working for me right now DEVIL DO by Holly Golightly

And be sure to check out an herb that I think is indispensable for winter maladies (elecampane)

“This is how moths speak to each other. They tell their love across the fields by scent. There is no mouth, the wrong words are impossible, either a mate is there or he is not, and if so the pair will find each other in the dark.” Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer

Well my friends, the vernal equinox is scheduled for March 20 this year and man alive, I doubt I could wait a second more. Admittedly, the days really are getting longer and yet still, this dogged season of the night weighs on the psyche, even more than when the sun left us in the untimely 4 o'clock hour. Even in the thick of it, I sigh an early "sayonara" to the drama of weather talk and its effects on our collective mental health. March 20. We've been turned away from the sun for long enough!


Rather than endlessly focus on intricacies of winter blues, I've been thinking a lot about love. I like to think it's a more interesting malaise than winter melancholy. For example, do you think we can actively look for it and actually find it? Look for it with intention like Kingsolver's moths? What a gorgeous, stripped down way of looking at love--in the scant framework of a moth's life. They only live long enough to scent out their partners, mate and then die of starvation because their jaws are too small to eat. Something like three days. Their only taste and hunger is for the scent of their partners and the natural drive to produce offspring...if there is a mate for them out there in the night. 


Anyway, I think we humans are too complicated to purposefully look for love. Our lives are definitely not just a three day long starvation. They are a lot longer. (We can argue about the perception of time relative to different entities another time.) Rather than look for love, might it be best to, as my mother puts it with derision, go out on the prowl? Go out and look for the scent and then maybe some heightened coupling will take hold. Do you think love is merely an affectation of a value system gauged by jealousy? Perhaps modern love is a litmus of haves and have nots? I guess I don't want love as a definition anymore. Especially not when examining the clingy memories of the ghosts of loves past. Aren't those just more definitions of "love" set in some manufactured context? Might it be prettier to afford ourselves the respite of the laws of chemical attraction? I await my next person with whom I will share an electron. Heck, there might even be a more stable molecule out there across the field of night this time around.


So whatever, I hope we all get struck by our counterpart moths at the first warmth of spring. You may have one already, or you may be waiting for your next one, but just the same, I hope we get hit right in the olfactory senses by some gutteral partnership that far exceeds the confines of modern love. And man, do the scents of the world open up and bloom in the spring!



Inula Helenium

Is a great ally in the battle against the winter cough and other lung issues. I've only recently been acquainted with this herb, brightly flowered on a strong thick stalk and good deep root. But I've already used a tincture made from its root, which should be cultivated in autumn, in tea to combat these terrible coughs my friends are suffering from all over the place.

Elecampane is an ancient herb used throughout time all over Greece and Europe. Now it grows rampant in the moist often shady ground of the East Coast from Nova Scotia on down. Historically it was used both as a condiment (spice) and medicinally. It was a tonic for overeating, used in women's issues, and of course, used in pulmonary complaints.

I cannot wait to break out PRIVATE DANCER. sensual massage oil!


Eat well, get nice sleep, read good stuff and get ready for SPRING!


many hugs,