Medicine Making: the art of self defense

Medicine Making at Kallio Workshop 226 S. 1st St. Sunday, 2/1/15 from 11-3pm

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Take control of your winter and get empowered to go natural!

Learn how to easily to support long-term immune health and to make remedies for acute winter ailments with ingredients you can find almost anywhere at our hands-on workshop. You will take what you make, and make it you will.

Take an afternoon and learn to confidently rely on yourself to fend off simple ailments and avoid serious infections resulting from cold/flu, especially if you’ve got school-age kids in the house.
Leave our hands-on workshop with a full belly and:

  1. a cough syrup and immunity builder
  2. an acute symptom respiratory steam
  3. a winter defense tea.
  4. recipes for winter foods

All of which you will make yourself! Practice makes you ABLE.
After a brief discussion of the body’s defense mechanisms, we will dive into the herbs that help promote that fight. And foods you can eat to condition your body, you’ll be surprised at how easy and tasty it is. Armed with this knowledge, we will blend our teas--you will have choices of herbs to help build your body’s immune system where you see fit.

We will make a delicious immune fortifying elderberry syrup. A dose a day helps keep the sick days away. When you feel the onset of cold or flu, take this every two to three hrs.

Let us not forget the super easy essential oil respiratory steam we’ll blend to help open respiratory pathways. Use in a pot of water or drop into the humidifier.

Happy Winter everyone,
Elizabeth & Karina