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Sensory Connection: an exploration of loving self-care

  • Antidote Apothecary + Tea Bar 200 Franklin Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)


Sensory Connection


Heightening the senses is an act of self-care, and by definition, sensual. Join Antidote Apothecary + Tea Bar and sex writer Sophie Saint Thomas (GQ, Glamour, Allure) as we guide you through different ways to practice love using the tools within and around you, such as feathers, silk, flowers, candles, and herbal concoctions. By depriving certain senses, such as draping a silk blind fold over the eyes, we allow other parts of ourselves, such as our smell, touch, and taste to take over. 


This class asks you to rethink what it means to be sensual and will teach you how to create your own definition. From back massages in a candle lit room enhanced by the feeling of hot wax carefully dripped upon you, to a lover feeding you chocolate while you sip calming tea, we will teach you how to utilize all senses and give you the practice to do so. Making love with a partner can be sensual, but so can having a friend give you a caring foot massage. It is your choice to invite others into your rituals of empowerment or enjoy the scent of florals and the brush of a pussy willow against the skin or the healing of a rose quartz yoni egg all on your own. Even those in partnerships may find they need a night of sensory self-care alone. 


We'll discuss different sensual tools to incorporate into your intimacy, review how to use them on yourself and others, and how to ask and get for what you want. This class will come with "menus" to help craft you an evening of sensory connection tailored exactly your desires.