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herbalism, reiki, flower essence

Maya’s journey with the plant remedies began at an early age, introduced by her grandfather who was a tea master, an avid gardener, as well as an herbalist in Japan. He was a very spiritual man, and a visit to his house had to start with lighting an incense and putting the hands together at the alter to greet ancestors before anything else could take place. She grew up drinking grandpa’s strange concoctions of shochu and herbs, not knowing they were medicine at the time. He was also all about healing waters, taking the entire family to Hot Spring tours once a year. From his influence, her household always dealt with health issues with traditional methods such as shiatsu, acupuncture, seitai, and plant medicine, rarely going to a conventional doctor. It was not until later in life however, that she began seriously training as a clinical herbalist. After living in the US for a long time and being disconnected from her roots in every way, suddenly she began to feel a strong pull to the rituals and the ways her grandfather taught her year ago.

Today she is a clinical herbalist, reiki practitioner, and flower essence practitioner. Under the name Rooted Things Apothecary, she offers herbal consultations, energy work and custom small batch remedies for her clients. Her practice is a weaving of ancient healing frameworks such as Ayurveda, TCM, Alchemy, Aromatherapy, Japanese Folk Medicine, and various Energy Healing modalities with the more modern and scientific understanding of herbs and health to guide her clients on their own individual healing journey. Instead of the focus being on a disease or symptom, the focus is on the whole person and to look at how the bottom line energetic blocks and imbalance has manifested, and gently bringing that into alignment with the use of plant allies, life style adjustments, and energy work.

Rooted things apothecary