1/18 Thur. Mushrooms for Health Workshop: For People & Planet

1/18 Thur. Mushrooms for Health Workshop: For People & Planet


Mushrooms for Health Workshop: For People and Planet

Learn how to make your own medicine in this hands-on workshop and go home with your own Chaga Tincture. People have been utilizing mushrooms for thousands of years for healing. Let's talk about which mushrooms have been utilized and how. We will explore easy ways to be healthy with mushrooms and progress to understanding making our own extracts. This includes a focus on mushrooms you can find in NYC Parks. Also, the earth has been using mushrooms to heal for millions of years. From the first organism to grow on the earth and make nutrients accessible for plants and other life on earth to honey bee immune systems, let’s talk about ways mushrooms are already healing the planet and how we can help.




John Michelotti is the owner of Catskill Fungi whose mission is to empower people through Fungi via outdoor guided mushroom classes, cultivation courses, educational talks, private consultations, mushroom art, and mushroom health supplements which he makes from mushrooms he grows on his family farm in the Catskill Mountains. He served on the Mushroom Advisory Panel for Certified Naturally Grown to help develop the standards for ecological practices in mushroom production. John is the President of the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association (MHMA), a member of COMA, PVMA, and North American Mycological Association (NAMA). He has worked with Amazon Mycorenewal Project to conduct research utilizing Fungi to remediate oil spills and other contaminants. His goal is to educate and inspire people to pair with fungi to improve health, environment and communities. 

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