Tues 9/19 Pre-Natal Nutrition and Her Herbal Allies 7-8:30

Tues 9/19 Pre-Natal Nutrition and Her Herbal Allies 7-8:30


Big, gorgeous bodily transformations during these three trimesters of life! Learn how to make them easy and abundant through nutrition and herbs. This time is all about food and sleep!

Ali will guide you through classic pregnancy meal plans so that you have the basis for providing prime, easy nutrition for two! Elizabeth will discuss herbs that are low impact, yet wonderful to help with easing the body gracefully through these transitions.

Whether you're having your first baby or you want to be there for a partner or friend, this class will give you the tools a new momma needs to recover and rest after childbirth. 

Ali Forrest is aholistic chef, nutritionist and postpartum doula in NYC. Her goal is to empower her clients and provide them with nourishing and healing meals. Check out www.apothecary.kitchen for more info.

Elizabeth DeCoursey is an herbalist and owner of Antidote Apothecary + Tea Bar. And went through the flagship Master Herbalism program at Arbor Vitae, School of Traditional Herbalism. 

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