Cinquefoil, Potentilla erecta

Cinquefoil, Potentilla erecta


Potentilla erecta

Before the Roman priests arrived in the northlands bearing the "gode-spel" of the Whitechrist, followers of the old ways used Cinquefoil Herb in order to drive off evil spirits; used to stuff a "dream-pillow," dried Cinquefoil Herb could bring night-time visions of one's future mate; burned as incense, it was a help to the Wise Ones in divination.

While that colorful history of Potentilla erecta may be questionable, the fact is that Cinquefoil herb is one of those organic herbs that is astringent and contains high levels of tannin, which is one of the beneficial compounds found in red wine. Aside from its use in "uuyche-craeft" and "magick," organic Cinquefoil Herb has been used with other medicinal herbs for a wide range of ailments. Because of this natural herb's astringent quality, it is effective as an ingredient of mouthwash.

Although as is all-too-common for common bulk dried herbs such as Potentilla erecta, few scientific studies have been done to substantiate the many therapeutic claims.

Herbalists' sources are quick to point out that any benefits to be obtained from powder Cinquefoil Herb can be gotten from relatively small amounts. As is the case with many herbs, taking large amounts does not necessarily mean greater benefit, and may in fact be just the opposite.

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