And why the products matter:

  • They're handmade.
  • The herbs, their aromas, and the synchronicity of these blends do have healing power.
  • Not one single ingredient used is anything less than the best available. 
  • All the ingredients are organic, and wild crafted when possible.
  • The recipes are designed with love & PMA to alleviate the concerns of my family and friends.
  • There are no chemicals, hormones, or contact with pesticides. Ever.
  • No unnatural preservatives.
  • They smell good.
  • You are worth it.
  • Giving a shit rules.

*If there is something that I don't already make that you need, then let's talk and I will make a formula special for you.

** Use these products right when you get home. You bought or were gifted them for a reason.

***No preservatives means don't make them so precious that you don't use them and they go bad before they make your life better.