Community Herb Clinic March 5 9-1:30

Community Herb Clinic March 5 9-1:30



Appointments between 9 and 1:30 on Tuesday, March 5

I’m delighted to team up with my old alma mater, Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism and my favorite teacher, Richard Mandelbaum, to offer affordable full clinical herbal consultations! These will be student led and supervised by Richard. Here’s to keeping some things accessible to our community! Reach out to me elizabeth@antidotebrooklyn or Laura Espinoza to schedule your appointment for that day!

Our community herb clinic is open to anyone interested in a private health consultation with one of our 3rd year clinical students. Student herbal clinicians work under the supervision of ArborVitae faculty practitioners.

We practice from a holistic approach to healing and general well-being that seeks balance in all aspects of the individual, including food, lifestyle, and spirit. Clients will receive personalized herb, diet and lifestyle recommendations that can best support one’s health.

During the 1 1/2 hour session, you will meet with one student practitioner in a private space. 1-2 additional student(s)  practitioners may observe the session. In some special sessions there may be 3-4 students.

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