Digestion: a study of Food & Emotions w/flower essences 6/19

Digestion: a study of Food & Emotions w/flower essences 6/19


digesting our experiences to heal old wounds w/ food & flower essences

  • $20 Tuesday, June 19, 2018

  • 6:30 PM  8:30

  • Sarah Marie Miller, an intuitive artist, clinical herbalist, and flower essence practitioner living in Colorado will be offering a beautiful workshop to talk about digesting food and digesting emotions. They're related! In the class you will try a tea and a flower essence made from the lilacs you see in the picture—the scent of lilac is nostalgic, while its vibrational effect is one to let go of the past ways to move forward.

She will expose you to the good vibrations that make up the flower essence as a substance and then how that is translated into our subtle bodies. She will also discuss the not so subtle physiology behind digestion and show how the physical and psychological acts of digestion are deeply connected. 

You may see a pathway to emotional + physical health once you get an idea of how connected the two are. We will look at the role of the liver and the vagus nerve in the belly-brain connection. And notice what lies between the two-the heart. Protecting the heart and establishing healthy boundaries is part of the healing journey. You will walk away with some recipes and self care ideas to move forward in healthy and revitalizing ways.


This course is taught by Sara Marie Miller, founder of Aida Zea Arts. She is a recent graduate from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO where she studied nutrition, clinical herbalism and flower essences. She has over 2000 hours of study and experience working with people and plants to encourage the body to heal itself. She is a reiki master, a certified yoga teacher, a doula and an artist, working mostly with ceramics, watercolors and printmaking techniques.She has had a lifelong interest in energy, process and healing.

To work with her and schedule a distance session please check out her website at www.aidazea.com.

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