Herbal Allies for Daytime Calm & Restful Sleep. NOV 11

Herbal Allies for Daytime Calm & Restful Sleep. NOV 11


Herbal Allies for Daytime Calm And Restful Sleep

Sunday November 11th, 6.45-8.15pm


Fast paced City living can leave us with frazzled nerves and sleepless nights. Herbal medicine and foods can support the body to remain calm and centered during the day, and, if necessary, offer sleep support.

This class is filled with creative ways to use botanical medicine, breath and ritual to bring the body back into balance, let go of tension and receive the nourishment of deep rest.

Recipes and tastings included.

Dawn Petter teaches classes about the art of herbal healing. Her classes are imaginative and accessible and are taught to encourage students to use botanical medicine in their daily lives. She incorporates her training from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism with her natural creative flare.  


Dawn works as a herbalist and flower essence practitioner by appointment in NYC, leads herb walks and teaches classes at a variety of locations, including the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Brooklyn Brainery, the New York Botanic Gardens, and the Just Food Conference, to name a few. Dawn also creates herbal skincare for her online brand, Petalune Herbals.  To learn more about Dawn’s offerings, visit: www.petaluneherbals.com  or contact Dawn at dawn@petaluneherbals.com

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