Love Workshop Feb 15 the magickal way

Love Workshop Feb 15 the magickal way


Loving the Alien

Friday Feb. 15 from 7:30-8:30

Sylva Sylvarum and Antidote Apothecary present a one hour workshop on love and magick.  In this workshop, we will sit for circle and focus on various topics related to love.  The first half will include a guided meditation to balance the heart chakra through the healing powers of sound.  The second half of the workshop will include a demo on how to craft a honey jar spell for sweetening someone up to you.  Everyone will leave with a completed honey jar.

Ivy is a working witch and law student living in NYC. She is a certified reiki practitioner and I also have clients for tarot reading and spell work. Her energy work focuses on resolving trauma stored in the body's memory and is skilled in rootworking, hypnotherapy, sound healing, crystal healing, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy.

She frequently reads tarot at NYC events is a speaker on panels regarding magick and energy work, including a candle carving workshop at the Queens Museum and a panel on balancing sexual energy and sex magick for Wildflower Sex. 

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