MAY 8 Facial Yoga + DIY Skin Care Recipes Wednesday 7-9

MAY 8 Facial Yoga + DIY Skin Care Recipes Wednesday 7-9


MAY 8, Wednesday from 7-9

Facial Yoga + DIY recipes for the Face featuring Herbs and Flowers :

In this workshop for natural beauty and rejuvenation, we will explore and play with the marvelous rejuvenating powers of facial yoga, with a fun and effective facial yoga workout, and then play with plants and flowers to create home- made skin teas and tonics.

This workshop is brought to you by Annelise Hagen, author and creator of the Yoga Face, anatural facelift employing Yogic techniques and principles. Annelise has been working with flowers and herbs since the inception of the Yoga Face, her best-selling book and seminal workshop on facial yoga. Annelise has always been fascinated by the healing power of herbs and flowers, and comes from a West Coast family of avid gardeners and healers. She was trained in plant wisdom by her wise woman aunt who has shared these secrets with her for many years.

You will leave with a working knowledge of how to use yoga for facial improvement and how to prepare effective and natural beauty treatments made by your own hands from nature’s apothecary.

Annelise Hagen began her career in the theater as an actor and writer. Her work in theater was strongly movement-based,and led her to become a Yoga teacher in New York City. She then developed a workshop for facial Yoga that drew on her theater background, employing voice and energy work, and combined these strands with traditional Yoga practices (including Ayurveda, Asana, Energetic Work, chanting and mudras) to help tone, release and rejuvenate the face. This workshop became a book and a video, the Yoga Face. Annelise continues to explore the connection between nature and beauty in her work, and is currently developing a line of holistic beauty treatments.

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