Oct. 17 Herbs for Skin, from the inside out

Oct. 17 Herbs for Skin, from the inside out


Wednesday Oct, 17 from 7-8:30

In this class, learn about the organs that work in tandem with the skin to help us attain balance. Naturally we will talk about herbs that aid systemically and topically. But we will also go over foods, inflammation, environmental and personal practices on a ritual level that help to open doors for transition from the inside out! And, of course, the types of products to look for or to make on your own!

The skin, our greatest vent from the inside out, from the outside in, is really profound litmus for the environment inside and around us. Our organisms respond so individually to the cyclical changes firmly attached to seasons, but also to the more abrupt ones distinct to the self and immediate environments.

This class will be taught by Elizabeth DeCoursey, clinical herbalist and owner of Antidote Apothecary + Tea Bar. Her primary focus is rooted in concerns for the skin.

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